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Invention is the root of innovation. Innovation is the major force for change in the future.

1.3 BILLION ARE LIVING in 2012, nearly 25 percent of the population of all developing countries had no electricity IN THE DARK

Around the world, 1.3 billion people lack access to electricity. More than 600 million are in sub-Saharan Africa, and more than 300 million are in India alone. Providing electric power to these unserved populations will cause a significant jump in demand in the coming decades. India has promised to place an emphasis on renewable sources of energy; there are programs in Africa to create “mini-grids” using renewables. But as electricity-generating capacity inevitably grows ever larger, India and the other countries of the developing world will not be able to avoid the increased use of fossil fuels as well — and especially coal. New coal-burning power plants will emit less carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases than their predecessors, but the strain on the atmosphere will be substantial nonetheless.



SunSmart SPTI Community Solar or Mini Grid Solar approach,

is a shared renewable energy power station whose electricity is shared by more than one household in a privately owned and developed community. It’s primary purpose is to allow members of a community the opportunity to share the benefits of solar power even if they cannot or prefer not to install solar panels on their own rooftop or property. 

Community solar provides a more efficient and effective way to allow people to enjoy cheaper and cleaner electricity thru solar energy since it is modular and flexible in design . Participants greatly benefit from the reliability, practicality and above all savings in electricity generated by community solar which cost is way less than the price they would ordinarily pay to direct utility.


  “To go, To do and To create 100% Renewable & Sustainable Community Development is all possible with the right product and solutions
by SUNSMART Solar Power Technology”


Creating Green Communities Off the Grid.


Integrated. Innovative. Intelligent. Infinite. In-Style


Pioneer and Achiever 
ISP or Integrated Solar Power Technology


To provide innovative, efficient, reliable and practical
to each and every Households, Commercial Establishments, Community Housing Developments, Agricultural Farms and Infrastructure Programs most especially in the rural areas;

To introduce Renewable Power Development Programs in Isolated Distribution Areas thru a Decentralized Power Generation System;

To contribute on mitigating the rise in greenhouse gas emissions and take part on long term global climate change adaptation programs;

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We believe we can make a difference to this world, to this very earth on which we live.We have been destroying the forests for whatever reasons for many years.


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